Robert Townsley


       I am Dr. Townsley and I proudly serve as the Director of Early Childhood Education for the Fox C-6 School District.  Your child probably knows me as Mr. Robert.  I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Missouri Valley College, a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Webster University, a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Missouri Baptist University and a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from Maryville University. 


This is my 19th year with the Fox School District.  I have served just over nine years in the classroom as a Special Education Teacher working with grades K-6 at Fox Elementary.  From 2010-2013 I enjoyed working with Pre-K through 12th grade students as a District Behavior Specialist.  Hodge Elementary welcomed me during my Administrative intern days & now I have found my home at the Don Earl Early Childhood Learning Center.

What does all this mean?

I am dedicated to serving the greater Fox Community.  I have worn many hats and accepted many challenging duties through-out, but the excitement that comes with early childhood is with me every day.  The center is blessed with wonderful staff and resources that allow each and every child to progress and achieve at their respective levels.  There is no greater joy than shaping the lives of our future generation and equipping them with the tools to succeed.    

Please feel free to contact me if you have any immediate questions that your child's teacher is not able to assist with at this time.  


Mr. Townsley

Dr. Robert Townsley