Motor Therapy

Welcome to the Motor Therapy web page! 
Our OT and PT staff had an exciting beginning of the school year working with your kids!  We all look forward to working with your kids each day.  On this web page will be helpful tips and tricks for things to do with your kids at home that can help increase fine and gross motor skills!


Our Therapy team includes:

Mary Wagoner began working as a Physical Therapist with the Fox District since June of 1992.  Prior to this she was a parent educator for 5 years with Parents as Teachers.

Pam Walters is an Occupational Therapist who has been working in the district for 26 years. 

Rachel Moyie is an Occupational Therapist who has been working in the district for 3 years.

And the newest members to the early childhood OT/PT team: Brittany Mantle and Kristen Stauber.  Brittany has been a pediatric occupational therapy assistant for 3 years.  While Kristen has been a pediatric physical therapist for 8 years.

Valentine's Day Hearts!


The kids had fun painting hearts with sponges and fingers!

Celebrating the Winter Olympics!

Olympics Fun
Kids are having fun this week participating in OT/PT Winter Olympics!
*Bobsled swinging and racing under arches!
*Searching for Gold Medals!
*Placing Fruit Loops on "O" for Olympics!

Here are some fun Valentine and Olympics activities that promote fine and gross motor activities:

Sorting Hearts- This is a great opportunity to work on colors and fine motor skills with picking up the hearts with their fingers or tongs!

Tracing Valentine Words/Letters- Practice tracing with fun Valentine booklets and heart shaped letters! 

Painting Hearts-  This is a great way to get some messy play time in! Use fingers, brushes, and sponges!

Indoor obstacle course- As it starts to become a little colder outside, it can be fun to build an indoor obstacle course.  The best part is that the course can be different each time because you get to choose which items around the house you would prefer.  For example you can put the couch cushions on the floor and have your child walk across the cushions or you can have your child crawl under the kitchen table to get great deep pressure input!