Motor Therapy

Happy Winter!!

The first two semesters have flown by! Your kids have been hard at work learning and exploring everything in the environment! The last few months have brought exploration about fall leaves and pumpkins, trying different types of movement activities, and creating brand new masterpieces!

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We are so happy to have your children in for OT and PT!  We look forward to working with them everyday. 

Below are some ideas for activities that you can do over the winter break that promote growth in fine motor skills and gross motor skills!

Bake Cookies
(cookie cutters are a great way for kids to learn to manipulate objects and build strength in their hands!)

Play your favorite board game with your family (Place a special emphasis on taking turns with lots of positive praise for following directions!)

Read a new book (Have your child become an active participant by turning pages, pointing to pictures, and guessing what will come next in the story)

Build a fort (This is a fun way to get your child moving, building, and designing!)

Here is even a recipe for "Frozen" slime for those kids who love Elsa and Ahnah:
-White Washable Glue
-Liquid starch
-Blue Food Coloring
-Glitter, Confetti, Snowflake buttons, frozen figurines (optional)

1. In a mixing bowl, mix 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of glue
2. Add color, glitter, and/or confetti
3. Slowly mix glue/water mixture to 1/2 cup of liquid starch
^^Recipe can be increased or decreased depending on amount of slime you would like!

For more Fun Recipes and Ideas check out the useful links portion of this blog.  We also put ideas up for kiddos who may need some sensory strategies for over the holidays!!

Thank you for all the you do as parents!!
Happy Holidays from the Fox C6 Early Childhood OTs and PTs!!