Schoolwide-Positive Behavior Support
Don Earl has developed 4 SW-PBS behavior expectations. The expectations incorporate classroom and schoolwide rules. 1. Take Care of  Yourself 2. Take Care of  Your Friends 3. Take Care of Your School 4. Take Care of  Your World 
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Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support

 An approach to discipline that helps achieve both social and academic success.  PBIS is a school-wide approach to discipline that focuses on building a safe and positive environment in which all students can learn.

There are three main components of SW-PBS.

  • Defining and teaching the expected behavior
  • Practicing the behavior
  • Reinforcing the appropriate behavior


  • Creates a safer environment in our school that encourages positive behavior and interactions.
  • Takes a proactive and prevention approach to school-wide discipline.
  • Designs strategies to meet the needs of all students.