Parent Testamonials

My son is a third year student at Don Earl Early Childhood. He has special needs and receives a wide variety of special services and therapies. I love Don Earl because of the kindness, dedication, and compassion the staff members show to all students and their families. Having a child with special needs can be a difficult journey, but the support and positivity from my son’s teacher and other staff members makes the hard days so much easier. My son is minimally verbal and does not have the words to share with me about school each day, however, his lack of language does not prevent him from expressing how much he loves school. My son waits by the door each day when it is time to go to school. On the drive there he smiles, and claps upon arrival. When my son enters the school each day I know that he will be treated with respect, empathy, and above all, he will be loved. I truly could write a novel about all the amazing things I love best about Don Earl. However, if I could only write about one reason, I would describe the potential the staff members see in the children they work with. My son is mastering goals and doing new things, which at one time I did not think was possible. Next year as my son goes off to kindergarten, Don Earl will continue hold a special place in my family’s heart. 

-Abbie S. 

What I like best about my child’s school is THE STAFF! The most important part of teaching is the teachers! My child learns something new every day. He is excelling, and in far more ways than just academically. He has grown in a way that would not have been possible without the right people. Most of all, he is excited to go to school. A parents biggest fear is trusting someone else with their child, and I would not send him anywhere else. Thank you for allowing me to be a parent at Don Earl!

-Gretchen P.


We like that our son’s school cares about far more than educating him and keeping him safe.  They care deeply about understanding and developing him as an individual.  They know our son as well as we do and use that knowledge to reach him at his level.  They fully embrace the SW-PBS framework, teaching clear behavioral expectations that help him be more respectful and do the right thing, at school and at home.   Both his character and mind have flourished since he started attending Don Earl.

-Randy & Patricia G.


The entire staff shows genuine care and concern for my daughter.  Their desire to help her grow and learn in abundantly obvious.  Her verbal skills and desire to learn started to improve almost immediately upon beginning this preschool.  She never liked to read books, but now asks to read before bed.  Lastly, she loves it and cheers when she sees the building!   I would highly recommend them to absolutely anyone.

-Kylene H.

I walk in and out of the building everyday to smiles and friendly faces. I also walk into a sea of art work. All of the walls and rooms are covered with student work. It has to be the most positive, child friendly building around. I walk into my son's room everyday to three-four teachers in the room interacting with students on their level. Not only speaking to them, but playing with them. Not only playing with them, but making it so fun as well as educational. The teachers have brought in wood for them to glue into buildings. My son has made car books that he wants to keep forever. I walked in today to them cutting and glueing newspaper adds to make a Thanksgiving dinner, then walking up to their friends and "buying" their can goods with their money. Each day is something new and inventive and so exciting. My son went from barely getting past the number thirteen this summer (after working everyday) to counting to 100 AND being able to recognize all the numbers up to 100. The stuff he tells me he learns everyday blows my mind.

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